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Jefferson Airplane House, San Francisco, CA

Jam #1: (Hart, left channel; Dryden, right; Getz out)
Jam #2: (Dave Getz replaces Dryden)
Jam #3: (Kaukonen, Casady, Dryden)
Jam #4: (Kaukonen, Casady, Dryden, Garcia)
Jam #5: (Kaukonen, Casady, Dryden, Garcia, Hart, left)

Jorma Kaukonen - guitar, vox
Jack Casady - bass
Jerry Garcia - guitar
Mickey Hart - drums;
Spencer Dryden - drums
Dave Getz - drums

According to Jim Powell Sun, 22 Feb 2004 Title: "12/16/68" (aka "12/24/68" & "10/21/68")
Garcia & Friends, "Matrix 12/16/68"

This catalog derives from consulting three sources, 5 cassettes in all.  One is labeled "Jefferson Airplane House 10/21/68" and two are labeled "Matrix 12/16/68."  This latter date is often 'corrected' to "12/24/68" (see etree).

I have three cassette sources for jams #1 & #2, 2 sources for jam #5 and one source for jams #3 & #4.

Two sources place "jam #1" first and "jam #2" second, one reverses this order.

One cassette source continues without a splice from jam #4 to jam #4 (but then breaks off after 9:40 at the end of the cassette side).  The superior source for Jam #5 runs for 15:24 before it, too, breaks off at the end of a cassette side.

My suspicion is that jams #3 and #4 were dropped from most copies because Jerry does not appear at all in Jam #3 and plays a subdued rhythm part in jam #4.

Latvala's comments quoted in etree from Dupree's Diamond News (Summer '96) appear to me to be confusing 12/16/68 with 12/16/70, when Crosby did play at the Matrix with Jerry & others as "David & The Dorks."

It seems likely that the master SBD reels contain the end of Jam #5 and the end of Jam #7.

I see no way to surmise from the tapes whether these two items are from one show or from two, or whether the correct date(s) are 12/16/68 or 12/24/68 or both (or neither -- or 12/23/68) but I incline to think they are from two different dates.